Welcome to Ensemble Nexgen

Ensemble Nexgen Private Limited is a electronic design and manufacturing services provider based at Erode, Tamil Nadu, India. We offer services and solutions aimed at customized electronic requirements, mostly based on embedded systems and associated technologies. We offer end to end solutions and also design and development services at every stage of a product development.

We at Ensemble Nexgen are all passionate about electronics. From definition to deployment, we handle every stage of a electronic product development. Started in 2003 to cater to the growing demand for customised electronic design and development requirements, of Indian manufacturers, who were realizing the advantages that embedded systems could add to their products.

Over the years we have worked on a wide gamut of projects in every aspect-cost, complexity, duration and technology domain. We love technology and we are driven by new challenges. For both these reasons we have kept ourselves open to various technology and application domains. This approach has helped us develop know-how in every aspect of a electronic product development.


We are

Ensemble Nexgen is an emerging leader in engineering design and services that helps students to innovate and virtualize intellectual ideas. Ensemble helps students to bring out their designs and patterns as an existing model to the real world. Here, you will be accelerated to intellectual concepts and novel designs. We help you to shift towards existing new global technologies and inventions.

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Activity Based Learning Approach

  • Ensemble gives student an opportunity to learn at their own pace and level
  • Ensemble Provides student a platform to learn through experience
  • Ensembleoffers a chance to learn from real time projects.
  • Ensemble gives you an exposure to various project work and field work
  • Ensemble shows how the corporate will be do the project

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Why Ensemble Nexgen

Why should you consider Ensemble Technologies, for your project requirements? The reasons are many, but following are perhaps the important reasons why you might want to come to Ensemble Technologies.


We specialize only in core ECE, EEE, EandI and associated departments, and we offer projects only for these departments. Simply said we are very clear about our technology expertise and we only do projects that we are experts at.

Industry Advantage

We are primarily an Industrial solutions company and work for companies ranging from SMEs to Global multinationals. Hence we have technology experience that is far superior that what is required for academic projects.


We deliver what we promise and promise only that we can deliver. We offer projects to students only after very careful evaluation of technologies and the feasibility of offering them to the students, given various constraints like cost, time and ease of demonstration.